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Are you looking for a home? Maybe just a place to visit?

We would love to have you join us here at Northside Baptist Church. We don't care what you look like, what color your hair is, how many tats you have, or even what your past is. We simply want to welcome you to join us for worship.

We are a body of imperfect people who just happen to choose to love each other and love others as we serve the way Jesus served. 

Feel free to look around our site. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Then come and visit with us Sunday for worship at 11:00 am. 

Our mission is simple. It is not something we come up with on our own. It is what we feel Jesus would want us to do according to His word. Which is simply becoming more like Him by ... 

Loving God

Loving People

Serving All

Are you looking for a place where you can get involved? Where you can make connections? Where you can serve those in need?

Look no further. Simply click the link above to find out ways you can "be involved."

Do you want to pay your tithe online? Make a donation to a special event or cause?

We make it simple. 

Click the link above to get started. It is safe and secure. 

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