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Cone Ministry

C.O.N.E Ministry

Caring - Obedient - Neighborly - Encouraging

Our Cone Ministry is what we view as part of the "Serve All" stage of our ministry. It is part of our third step into becoming a part of our church family and it takes place at varying dates and times. 

Our Cone Ministry is a group of caring people who have a heart for the teachers and students of nearby Cone Elementary School. 

Our Cone Ministry includes many different ways for someone to get involved. Such as ... 

  • Box Tops - saving box tops of General Mills products to help raise money for the school. This is a ministry that is ongoing and takes place year around

  • Reading Buddies - volunteer to be a part of this ministry in which you take the time to either read to a student or group of students or listen to and help a child read on their own

  • Classroom Supplies - give to financially or collect various classroom/student supplies

  • Lunch Buddies - this is a personal ministry in which you may go to school and have lunch with a child for the purpose of building a friendship and becoming a positive role model to them

  • Help Needy Families - this is a ministry where people help as needs arise. Here we offer to help families who are in dire need of help with such things as clothing, bills, etc. 

  • Classroom Volunteers - you may sign up to help in a classroom in order to help a teacher in any way they might need help

  • Prayer Partners - this is an easy way to get involved in this ministry. Simply take the time to commit to praying for a specific child and their needs they may have

  • Staff Meal/Refreshments - once per quarter a group from the church provides either breakfast, lunch, or a refreshment for the staff of the school

  • Dessert Lottery - each first of the month, desserts are taken to the school, and their is a drawing among the teachers to determine who wins one of the desserts to take home

If you would like to know more about this ministry or would like to get involved contact us here

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