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Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry is what we view as part of the "Serve All" stage of our ministry. It is part of our third step into becoming a part of our church family and there are a variety ways to get involved.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can serve in the Music Ministry of the church.

  • Praise Team - we are always looking for new musicians and vocalists to join the praise team which helps to lead worship during Sunday morning services. The praise team plays lots of newer modern worship music as well as taking older hymns and stepping them up to a different level.

  • Choir - maybe you love to sing but don't want to be part of the praise team. Perhaps the choir is a place that you could get involved. We are always looking for vocalist to join the choir. 

  • Special Music - maybe you love to sing. Perhaps you even love to do your own thing. Then maybe you would be interested in using your gift for God by providing special music for the worship service. 

  • Audio/Video - maybe you can't play an instrument nor sing, but you love music and worship and would love to be involved. This is the place you may fit in. You can be involved by helping as a sound or video technician or maybe help on spotlights as needed.

If you would like to know more about this ministry or would like to get involved contact our Music Leader Betty Parrott here

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