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Our Core Values

Our Core Values can be wrapped up in 3 simple statements. Statements which are seen at the top of every page. 

Love God - Love People - Serve All

Love God by joining us for worship on Sunday mornings where we come together to learn about God, to worship Him and give Him praise for who He is and what He has done for us. 

Love people by joining a smaller group during Sunday School hour where you can get to know each other more intimately, where you can learn about God on a deeper level, and where you can learn how to love as Jesus loves us. 

Serve all by taking the next step and getting involved in helping with the ministries of the church. You may feel led to lead a class, help with the youth or children, or even be involved in the Thursday and Sunday morning breakfast. Of course there are many other ways to get involved as well, such as outreach ministry, servant ministry, and missions. 

It is our goal that as you become a part of our family and grow in your relationship with Christ that you will move from just being a believer to becoming a disciple of Christ by loving God ... loving people ... and serving all. 

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