You cannot continually dwell at the foot of the cross of Jesus, and not be transformed in every aspe

Ever since Noah could talk, his favorite Bible Story has always been Jesus on the Cross. If you were to ask him at the wise age of six he would without hesitation say Jesus on the Cross! I see strong evidence that this is what led him to commit his heart and life to Jesus Christ before he ever turned five years old.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I awoke to him praying to receive Christ with no intervention on my part. I even recall how hesitant our church was to allow him to be baptized because of the confusion it may cause among other parents. Needless to say he was still baptized, but in the community pool at Lantern Green in Kannapolis with close friends and neighbors present.

Several present that day, Noah actually played a role in their salvation. God actually used it to reach out and minister to many others that would not have been at church, including two beer guzzling pool goers.

God taught me a valuable principle through Noah regarding the importance of dwelling on the cross and what Jesus did for us. Although the fear of flames may drive someone to the cross, ultimately only one primary reason keeps us consistent. That reason is gratitude and reverence. A genuine heart of gratitude will drive us to do things we could never accomplish out of obligation alone.

Summarily I would say it this way. You cannot continually dwell at the foot of the cross of Jesus, and not be transformed in every aspect of your life! If your life shows no difference than anyone else's, check here. I can assure the reason is you are dwelling everywhere but the foot of the cross.

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